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With the help of Somnox you’ll sleep better, calmer, longer ánd more pleasant. Take the test and receive a personal sleep recommendation.

Start your day feeling fully rested again

Have you tried everything already and do you still have trouble falling asleep?

We know all about it and invented different products that not only help you fall asleep in a natural way, but also make sure that you wake up less often during the night.

3 reasons why sleep is important

It helps your body recover

at night your body needs to rest, because of everything you’ve done and experienced, to be able to feel energized again for the next day.

You’ll build up resistance

When you get a good night’s rest you feel fitter, stronger ánd you are better armed against diseases.

Our brain needs it

Stress, feeling restless and forgetfulness are just a few of the examples of the effect that bad sleeping can have on our brains.

Explore our solution

Our products

Sleep Robot

By feeling breathing movements that the Sleep Robot makes and hearing Somnox’ soothing sounds, your mind and body will relax. Join thousands of others that have already improved their sleep and start your day fully rested again.

Read more about the Sleep Robot

Washable Sleeve

An extra sleeve to keep your Sleep Robot clean. The sleeve is machine washable, fully breathable and made of 100% natural cotton. Available in the colours blue and grey.

Read more about the Washable Sleeve

What do our users say?


“After two weeks I was used to the breathing rhythm and soothing music, I fall asleep so much calmer than before and sleep better through the night.”


– Nienke


“I’ve fallen to sleep much faster since using it, and I’m waking up feeling so much better now that I’m sleeping 8 hours per night regularly.”


– Frances


“Breathing like a living thing, Somnox works by getting us to sync our breathing with the robot, which in turn helps us relax and unwind”


– Sarah


When using Somnox, I fall asleep within a half an hour, I sleep longer and, if I wake up, I fall back asleep in no time. I’m very happy that Somnox exist. It is really worth the money. Thanks to the Somnox team!


– Dave


High quality product with smart options and easy to use for all ages.

– Dhr. Nederlof

Somnox helps people who want to:

Fall asleep faster

Experience less stress and anxiety

Relax more

Use less medication to fall asleep

Have more energy

Feel fully rested again

Easy to use (also in the dark!) and based on tried and tested breathing techniques.

Our story

What once began as an invention for our mothers, has now grown into a product that helps thousands of people all over the world to sleep better again. That is why our fantastic team is on a mission to help even more people experience the (super) power of great sleep.

Sleep innovation for everyone

Together with sleep experts, engineers from the Delft University of Technology and lots of seasoned bad sleepers, we work daily on new sleep innovations that not only help you to fall asleep more naturally, but also help you experience more comfort and rest. Curious about our story?

Our promise

Best quality

Our products are produced in the Netherlands, using the best materials, in association with Auping.

30 night trial

Not convinced after 30 nights? You will get your money back. 


We offer two years of warranty, including repairs when needed. 


Questions, comments or in need of advice about sleep? We’re always here for you. 

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