2019 & the future at Somnox

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Written by Baginda Tirtadji

On January 8, 2020

2019 – what a year. What started out as a student project to help our family and friends get rid of their sleeping problems, has grown into a company that helps thousands of people with sleeping problems all over the world. A year full of challenges, in which setting priorities proved to be the key to making the biggest impact on our mission to help 100 million people.

In 2019, we began shipping the Sleep Robot. Thousands of users have already slept more than 100,000+ nights with our solution. We’ve heard wonderful stories from sleepers around the world that give us goosebumps every single day. This resulted in 4.2/5 stars on Trustpilot out of 46 reviews. We also received several awards such as the Red Dot Design, Men’s Health ‘Best Tech Products of 2020’ and the Best Personal Care Innovations 2019 by Popular Science!

We now have 24(!) people in our office, including Kelly (ex-Nightbalance & Philips). She will accelerate our path to clinical validation. In addition, the Sleep Robot is partially reimbursed by Dutch insurer ONVZ and we have received initial (positive) results from pilot trials at care institutions of patients taking less sleep medication, recovering their sleep rhythms, and about patients who simply feel better during the day.

We had two Community Days that contributed to the further development of a vision for the future of Somnox. A future in which we want to make a good night’s rest accessible to everyone.

We can’t wait for the twenties. The beginning of a new decade in which we will take steps to let 100 million people experience the superpower of good sleep and the feeling of relaxation during the day. We will face greater challenges than ever before. We will have to move faster than ever before. But don’t worry: together with you, we’re going to make it a decade that will be at least as beautiful as the previous one.

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