Dinner Foods That Make Sleep Deep

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Written by Baginda Tirtadji

On October 17, 2019

The ability to meet and beat life’s daily challenges may be linked to the bedroom. Over two-thirds or 69 percent of Brits feel sleep-deprived and lethargic during the day, and diet may be the culprit. When and what you eat before bed play major roles in the success of an energizing slumber and even something as simple as a glass of water to help muscles and joints relax can promote a great night’s sleep.


Patterns To Produce Good Sleep

Sleep is all about routine and forming regular eating patterns with dinners rich in proper minerals that aids proper slumber. It’s a good idea to eat dinner four hours before going to sleep, most sleep experts claim. In planning a mindful supper, there are five main vitamin and mineral groups essential for producing a healthy, deep sleep that include tryptophan, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6 and melatonin.


The Deep Slumber Menu

The perfect sleep-inducing supper would include salmon or a lean chicken breast as the main course (vitamin B6), with sides of leafy greens (melatonin) and brown rice (magnesium) covered in lentils or beans (tryptophan), and all washed down with a cold glass of milk (calcium). After dinner, there are some sleep-inducing snacks that can stop blood sugar levels from dropping overnight, which can wake you up and aid restlessness. Bananas and almonds are rich in magnesium and melatonin which relax muscles and encourage sleep. A melatonin-rich small bowl of oats with a dash of honey can also help you wind down quickly.


The Effect Of Germs On The Sandman

Bacteria buildup in the belly can also be a negative nocturnal factor as a healthy gut promotes good sleep according to Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London and author of “The Diet Myth”. Taking probiotics (a type of live bacteria) and prebiotics (mainly fibre) feeds the good bacteria in our guts and has a significant effect on the quality of deep REM sleep. Conversely, processed foods, excess sugars, lack of fibre and inadequate hydration contain unwanted germs that create bad bacteria internally and result in a variety of adverse health conditions, including sleep disorders.

Dietary choices can weigh the heaviest on whether you have a good or bad night’s sleep. Being mindful of the minerals consumed at supper time whilst providing several hours of natural digestion before tucking in can make or break healthy sleep cycles. Eating right not only improves nocturnal patterns, but feeds the body and brain with more energy and focus to attack the next day’s challenges with energetic vigor.  


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