Your sleeping position will have a serious result on your sleep in addition as on your health. Poor sleeping position may cause back and neck pain, fatigue, muscle cramping, impaired circulation, heartburn, headaches, abdomen troubles, sleep disorder, and even early wrinkles. If you follow all the foundations — leave your phone out of the chamber, do breathing exercises, move to bed at a not too late hour, have a comfortable bed environment,  get eight hours of sleep, and even taking your Somnox Sleep Robot to bed — you’ll still be able to feel ill-tempered and aching when waking up. The one factor you could improve on is your sleeping position [1].

We’ll discuss several health advantages and some disadvantages of the three most likely sleeping positions!



Side Sleeping – The Best

Health advantages of side/fetal sleeping:

Side sleeping is unquestionably the most ordinarily reported  sleep position [2]; it is able to have plenty of health advantages. If you snore or have a hassle in regulating your breathing, sleeping on your right side is the most suitable choice for opening up your airways therefore you’ll be able to breathe better at nighttime.

In addition, it may be good for your spine and would possibly help relieve low back pain.  This position is exceptional for pregnant women.

Pregnant women ought to consider sleeping on their left side as a result of the baby is pushing their organs upward, there is solely abundant area in there. throughout maternity, the heart is already operating quicker to support the baby, and sleeping on the correct side, together with the additional pressure from the organs, may delay the flow of blood to mother’s heart and also the baby’s too.

Slumbering on your side will facilitate your spine to induce a break from the pressure from holding your head up, sitting or standing throughout the day.

Curling abreast of the left or right may even be smart for your brain. A study [4] found that sleeping on your side would possibly lower the threat for developing brain disease,  Alzheimer’s disease, and alternative neurologic ailments.

Likewise, sleeping on your left side may assist the flow of blood to your heart. Blood gets circulated then stream back to your heart on the correct side, once your heart pumps blood to your body. If you sleep on your right facet, the heaviness of your body smashes up opposite to the blood vessels that come to your ticker.


Some Disadvantages

Sleeping on your side, you’ll typically come to life with a numb arm. That needles and pins feeling comes from so called “capillary crush,” once the burden you’re putting on your arm, or the other frozen part, is putting extreme pressure on your blood vessels. There may be a lot of crushing pressure that you simply misplace blood flow.

Poor blood flow isn’t the sole downside to obtaining slumbering when lying on your side. Studies reveal that it will speed up pyrosis and acid reflux at nighttime. If you repeatedly suffer from stomach upset at nighttime, you need to opt for a different sleeping position [3].


Back Sleeping: Reasonably Good

Health advantages of back sleeping:

Falling slumbering on your back would possibly facilitate your wake up feeling way more energized than usual. that’s as a result of resting on your back is the best position for obtaining prime quality sleep. It’s the sole pose you’ll be able to sleep all through the night while not having to alter. After you sleep on your back, your load is equally distributed across your body structure, very different to alternative positions.


In addition, if you’ve got lower back pain, resting on your back along with your knees supported by pillows may take some stress off your spine and ease pain. The rounding error in your lower back mimics the natural curve of your spine that happen after you are sleeping on your side, within the fetal sleeping position. Consider it this way: after you are lying on your back along with your legs extended on the ground, you’ll be able to presumably suit your hand within the area between your lower back and also the floor. However once your knees are up and your foot positioned flat on the ground, you will decrease some tension from the lower back throughout the night.


Some Disadvantages

While back sleeping is the most favorable for several individuals, unfortunately it’s not for everybody. After you are on your back, your higher airway is the least stable as a result; it’s possible you will snore a lot more or follow unhealthy symptoms of sleep disorder, conditions which will be irritating to bed partners and furthermore additionally harmful to your health.


Stomach Sleeping – Less Recommended

Some Advantages:

If you’re a back sleeper who will snore  and you cannot differentiate sleeping on your side, lying on your belly can be a decent way of opening your airways a small amount. However there are not too many alternative advantages.


More Disadvantages:

Sleeping on your belly may lead up to pain within the neck. This the foremost awful position as a result of moving your neck to nearly an entire 90-degree angle from your body. This sleeping position may lead to neck pain. Additionally it’s not healthy for your back.


Thus it can be concluded that side sleeping and back sleeping are the most effective sleep positions which you’ll be able to switch in line with your comfort. However, try to avoid sleeping on your back because it could end up in unwanted effects.


So How Do You Sleep With A Sleep Robot?

Our Sleep Robot is designed to be used while laying in a side sleep position. The sleep companion is molded in such a way that it follows your natural fetal pose. However, it is certainly possible to cuddle with the Sleep Robot if you’re either sleeping on your back or sleeping on your belly. The trick is to hold the sleep companion in such a way that you physically feel the breathing rhythm. By doing this, you can still be guided to the breathing rhythm of the Sleep Robot and thus fall asleep easier.





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