Return Policy – Somnox (Englisch)


    We recommend reading these terms of return carefully to be fully aware of your rights and obligations with regards to returning the Sleep Robot.


    We handle the following policy concerning the return of a Sleep Robot:

  1. The robot and sleeve are still in the plastic package: 100% compensation based on purchase;
  2. The robot and sleeve are out of the plastic packaging: 90% compensation on the robot based on purchase, 0% for the sleeve.;
  3. The robot is out of the package, the sleeve is still in the plastic packaging: 90% compensation on the robot, 100% on the sleeve.
  4. Contact

    If you have any questions regarding our Return Policy, please contact us: 


    Telephone: +316 82 42 10 37

    Address: Molengraaffsingel 12, Delft, 2629JD.