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Here are some common questions about the Somnox Sleep Robot

Sleep Robot 


How does the Sleep Robot work?

The Sleep Robot simulates breathing rhythms. Because your breathing naturally adjusts to another breathing pattern, the Sleep Robot is able to slow down your breathing. This makes you relax, making it easier to sleep. For more information:

Additionally, the Sleep Robot can function as an external point to focus your thoughts on, clearing your head of unwanted thoughts and stress. Also, sounds (such as a guided meditation or a heartbeat) are used to help you fall asleep and will turn off as soon as you are asleep:

Does it really work?

The principle of the Sleep Robot is based on many papers (check out our “Science” page), user tests and endorsed by sleep disorder experts. We found that the subjective perception of the quality of sleep was increased as well as a reduction in the time it takes to fall asleep. Up until now, we tested with 85 test sleepers, each following an intensive 7-day sleep trajectory.

At the end of this year, we are planning a clinical evaluation in collaboration with a hospital / sleep lab to validate our claims on helping people fall asleep. Reviews from individual test sleepers and journalists can be found here. Still unsure if the Sleep Robot works for you? Schedule a sleep consult call with us so we can find out together if it would work in your specific case: schedule.

Has it been tested?

In the last year, we conducted 85 tests with test sleepers. Their feedback has helped us improve the Sleep Robot. In the last test, 90% of participants indicated to have fallen asleep faster and 70% to have achieved a better night’s rest. We have not done a clinical test (yet), due to the large investment of both time and money this requires. However, this is something we plan to do in the upcoming years to see whether our sleep robot could be covered by health insurance.

The results of our tests can be found under Science. Reviews from individual test sleepers and journalists can be found here.

Does the Sleep Robot work for me?

The Sleep Robot is intended for people suffering from stress-related insomnia and for people who are busy in their minds and who take their work to the bedroom, making them unable to relax and fall asleep. The people who are looking for the non-medicinal alternative for a better night’s rest. Still unsure if the Sleep Robot works for you? Schedule a sleep consult call with us so we can find out together if it would work in your specific case: schedule.

Is the Sleep Robot washable?

The sleeve of the Sleep Robot can be taken off to be washed in the washing machine at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius / 140 Fahrenheit. Ensuring a hygienic experience every single time. IMPORTANT: Never wash your Somnox Sleeve with the Sleep Robot still inside it.

What about my partner?

You should perceive the Sleep Robot as an addition to the family, like a baby lying in between (that doesn’t cry or burp). And hey, why not have a Sleep Robot for the both of you? Spooning together is so much fun. We also tested the Sleep Robot with people who slept with a partner and here we got positive results as well. So the Sleep Robot is not only for singles.

Does it help solve Sleep Apnea or RLS?

No. We didn’t conduct any research proving the claim on ‘curing’ Apnea or RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome). The Sleep Robot does use breathing as one of its core features, but not with the intention on fighting Apnea or RLS.


Is Bluetooth and/or Wifi active during the night?

No. The Sleep Robot only uses Bluetooth during the day (when you are awake). The Sleep Robot measures your sleep in the night and communicates these insights with your smartphone in the morning. So no need to worry about Bluetooth radiation in your cozy bedroom.

Isn't technology in the bedroom harmful?

Depends on what technology you are referring to. Generally speaking, when people refer to technology in their bedroom it is about mobile phones / laptops and other screen devices (such as a tv). It is proven in multiple studies that the blue light which a screen emits has a negative impact on your biological clock. Blue light activates the brain rather than putting it to sleep.

Also, your mobile phone is your source of work / stress / updates that activates stress the body, while the body should be relaxed when going to sleep. The Sleep Robot doesn’t have any screen or blue lights to activate the brain. The Sleep Robot uses thoroughly developed technology to induce sleep and relax body and mind. Moreover, Bluetooth is disabled during the night and the Sleep Robot will only send data to the app in the morning.

Does the Sleep Robot come in different sizes?

At launch, the Sleep Robot will only be available in one size. We have conducted many user tests with many shapes and sizes. We found one size to be ideal for most people. In the future, different sizes will be available as well.


When does the Sleep Robot get delivered?

If you Pre Order the Sleep Robot today, the estimated delivery will be in March / April 2019.

To which countries do you ship?

We do a worldwide delivery! If you have any question regarding shipment, send us an email on [email protected]

Return Policy

Do you have a Return Policy?

Yes. We are offering a 30-night return policy after we deliver your sleep robot.

  1. The robot and sleeve are still in the plastic package: 100% compensation based on purchase;
  2. The robot and sleeve are out of the plastic packaging: 90% compensation on the robot based on purchase, 0% for the sleeve.
  3. The robot is out of the package, the sleeve is still in the plastic packaging: 90% compensation on the robot, 100% on the sleeve.

For a full explanation of our return policy, click this link to read our Return Policy.

Test/Buy Sleep Robot

Can I test the Sleep Robot before I buy?

In the last year, we conducted many tests with test sleepers. We will continue to do this. However, at this moment, all spots are filled. If you are in The Netherlands, you can try out the Sleep Robot in the Westcord Hotel in Delft.

Where can I buy the Sleep Robot?

At the moment, the Sleep Robot is available for purchase in our Webshop. Besides the Sleep Robot, you can also buy accessories and Somnox merchandise here. In the future, we will also be available for purchase via resellers and Auping Plazas.

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