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The effects of sleep deprivation are felt throughout society. We are investigating how we can help different kind of organisations and companies to deal with these problems.


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Health Care




Health Care Institutions

Next level health technology

Health care institutions

Many patients experience sleeping problems, either as their primary problem, or as a side effect of another condition or medication. We are talking to Dutch healthcare institutions to test our sleep robot with different patient groups (such as patients suffering from dementia or intellectual disability). This way, we want to figure out where we can improve patient’s quality of life and the night of both patients and caretakers. Want to know more about what we want to do or see what we can do for your patients? Leave your email here and we will reach out to you.


step up your hospitality


For hotels, sleep is their core business. We want to help hotels provide a good night’s rest for people that are away from the comfort of their own home. At the same time, we offer hotels an innovative way to differentiate themselves from competitors. Over the past few months, we had our first hotel pilot with one of our prototypes at the Westcord hotel in Delft. Leave your email here to hear more about the pilot.


Airline industry

Fly away to dreamland

Airline industry

A plane is for many people the most difficult place to sleep. Also, jet-lag is a frequent cause of sleeping problems. Could our sleep robot help with these problems? We want to find out! Interested in our view or discussing this? Leave your email here and we will reach out to you

Corporate Health

Increase productivity

Corporate Health

Insufficient sleep costs companies billions of dollars. More importantly, many work accidents happen because of lack of sleep. Companies are reacting to this by focusing on sleep in their corporate health programs. We want to help companies and their employees become more aware of the importance of sleep and help them improve it. If you want to know more about the effect that sleeping problems have on companies, leave your email and we will reach out.

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