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Download our presskit, check some of our major global media coverage and see which awards we have won.

By Matt Jancer


“This gently breathing robot cuddles you to sleep.”


By Mary Grace Garis


“I got into bed with a robot have never known deeper love- or rest”


By Jennifer Kite Powell


“A robot designed to improve the quality of sleep.”


By Sarah Riccio


“An innovative, soothing and, well, adorable bedtime companion!”



By Miranda Levy


“I wake up feeling happy, and pleased to see Beany first thing”


By Jackson Lindeke


“A comfortable & natural treatment for insomnia”



We are honored with all the awards that we have received.

James Dyson Award

Philips Innovation Award 2017

EIT Health Launchlab

Robotdalen Innovation Award 2017

ASN Bank Wereldprijs

Rabo Duurzame Innovatieprijs

Oranje Handelmissiefonds

DIA Awards 2018

IoT Breakthrough Award 2018

German Design Awards 2019

ASML Young Makers Award 2018

Most Promising Marketingconcept 2018

Red Dot Design Award 2019

IF Design Award 2019