We have a user-centered design approach with focus groups, test users at our core. Making it a product developed by insomniacs, for insomniacs.

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I bought this for my father, fantastic!

I bought this for my father. He used to have sleeping problem and his average sleep was 3 hours in the evening. Now with the robot, he can sleep 6-8 hours sleep. The deep sleep time increased from 15-30 minutes to now over one hour.


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This is the only thing that has helped…

I was a severe insomniac even going up to 7 days without sleep at my worst. With Somnox I fall asleep within 30 minutes and wake up less often at night. Also, it helps me to fall back asleep when I wake up in the middle of the night. Since I bought a Somnox I have had only one restless night but I still got 6 hours. Usually I sleep between 7 and 10 hours a night now.


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What a great idea and what a great product.

I purchased during their Kickstarter phase. The customer service is amazing, the product turned out great, and the app has gone through several iterations while they were in certification.


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“To its calm breathing (which I got to set to my own preference), and to wonderfully relaxing music, I was in Dreamland in a matter of minutes every single night.”

Nicole McDonald

“Due to its weight the Somnox lays firmly on my mattress and it stays there. The shape is pleasant to hold. By tapping twice on the sleep robot it turns on and I feel the breathing rhythm on my arms. This calms me down and I reallly fell asleep in 15 minutes. Magnificent!”

Marian van Heuveln

“When I wake up at night, It turned on again to help me fall back to sleep asap. Mornings, I found myself revived and relaxed, starting my day the way we all want: full of energy.”

Iens van Boswijk

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