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Meet Somnox

September 2015

It all started with four engineers

We met each other for the first time in the robotics institute of the Delft University of Technology. Through films and imagination, we got inspired by soft robotics. We started to think of ways how robots could solve problems and make life easier. In 6 months time, we took on the challenge to develop a robot. We approached it from a different angle. Not a stereotypical rough, cold industrial robot but rather a soft, cuddly one.

The Start

October 2015

Time to solve some serious problems

We have experienced the effects of sleep deprivation ourselves through family and friends. We wanted to help them achieve a great night’s rest, using the technology of tomorrow. With our expertise in robotics, we built something that would make a difference. The future of sleep. We decided to pause our studies to focus on realizing dreams.

The Team

November 2017

Let’s break some Kickstarter limits!

Thanks to the incubator YES!Delft, we got 3 months of pressure-cooked knowledge. We did entrepreneurial workshops, projects, and a road trip through Europe. After this, we needed an office and of course some resources to fulfil our dream of bringing sleep to many. It was time to work towards our Kickstarter.

After building 10 prototype Sleep Robots with our hands, we finished our first test round. It was time to get our Sleep Robot to the world. We launched a Kickstart which raised more than 200% in 30 days, thanks to our wonderful community. We came a step closer to our dreams of helping people around us and beyond.

The Product


Bring the world better sleep in a natural way

Thanks to our community and partners, we have launched our Sleep Robot to the world in 2019. Right now, more than +1000 people sleep with robots in their bedrooms (read some reviews here). Next to that, we have 60+ orders and test commitments from several institutions. Together with others, we want to start a revolution in sleep. We realized that the world is ready for change.

Meet The (Dream) Team


Philip Hess


Julian Jagtenberg

Founder | Head Of Growth

Stijn Antonisse

Founder | CTO

Nick Kornet

Global Sales Manager

Wouter Kooyman Van Guldener

Founder | CFO

Commercial Team

Julian Jagtenberg

Founder | Head Of Growth

Jasper Brouwers

Lead Healthcare

Hylke Martens

Data Analyst & Event Manager

Nick Kornet

Global Sales Manager

Laila van den Brink-Brahim

Sleep Success Manager

Jade Lodewijks-Reilink

Happiness Officer

Jeroen Feron

CRO Specialist

Baginda Tirtadji

Growth Marketing & PR

Research & Development

Stijn Antonisse

Founder | CTO

Julia Stoevelaar

Lead UX Research

Gabriele Tombakaite

Embedded Software Developer

Muriël van Oers

Scientific Research

Frederike Stortelers

Product Development Intern

Job Engel

Lead Software

Luc Bolier

Product Developer

Lianne Siemensma

Lead Ux / UI Designer

Joel Besems

Back-End Developer

Hoye Lam

Lead iOS Developer

Kelly Van der Geest - Aspers

Validation Manager

Jip Galema

Embedded Engineer

Cyrine Jouini

Full Stack Developer Intern

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